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Ashcroft Test Gauge Type 1084

The Ashcroft type 1084 Pocket Test Gauge is used for inspection, test and validation of key installation points. An ideal choice for satisfying pressure measurement when highly-reliable precision is needed.

Pocket Test Gauge - Grade 2A (0.5% of span)

  • Available in a 3" dial size
  • Stainless steel movement with Teflon-coated bearings and pinion gear
  • Black, adjustable pointer with red-painted knife-edge tip
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Zero-adjustable white aluminum dial with polished mirror band
  • .25 NPT lower connection only

Ashcroft Pocket Test Gauge Type 1084

With an accuracy of 0.5%, Grade 2A, plus rugged stainless steel construction, the Ashcroft Type 1084 more than exceeds the requirements for on-the-spot inspections. To improve accuracy, stability and socket thread life, the Bourdon tube and socket assembly is made of type 316 stainless steel with all-welded construction; this system is standard for all ranges.



Ashcroft Type 1084 Test Gauge Specifications
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