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Ashcroft Pressure Gauge Type 1125, 1125A

The Ashcroft® type 1125 and 1125A Differential Pressure Gauges are utilized for measuring the differential between two separate pressure sources. A good selection for system monitoring and control.

Differential Pressure Gauge - Grade A (±2-1-2% of span)

  • 4.5" and 6" dial sizes
  • Aluminum cases
  • Bronze Bourdon tube and socket
  • Ranges through 1000 psi
  • Micrometer-adjustable pointer
  • Available with electric contacts
  • Static pressures from 30-1500 psi depending on the range of gauge
  • Pointer indicator with zero at seven or twelve o'clock position
  • Built-in back case flange for easy wall mounting

The Ashcroft differential pressure gauge is an economical way to display the difference of two separate inputs on one dial indicator. The case style is similar to other Ashcroft gauges, making panel gauge consistency possible. This product is supplied with bronze Bourdon tube and socket.


Ashcroft Type 1125, 1125A Differential Pressure Gauge Specifications
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