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Ashcroft Process Pressure Gauge Type 1259

Process Pressure Gauge - Grade 2A (0.5% of span)

  • Solid front safety case
  • Accuracy complies with ASME B 40.1 Grade 2A (0.5% of span)
  • As-welded Bourdon Tube for safety and longer life
  • Easily adjustable, self-locking micrometer pointer
  • Adjustable movement
  • Ranges: Vac to 20,000 psi
  • Date coded socket to ensure pedigree
  • Wetted part material printed on dial

Ashcroft Type 1259 Solid Front Process Pressure Gauge

The Type 1259 process gauge is offered with an as-welded bourdon tube to ensure longer life than competitive gauges. Meeting ASME B40.1, the Type 1259 process gauge has been engineered to meet marketplace requirements.


Specifications for Ashcroft Type 1259 Process Pressure Gauge
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