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Ashcroft Process Pressure Gauge Type 1279

Duragauge Pressure Gauge - Grade 2A (±0.5% of span)

  • 4.5" full-size bourdon tube
  • Patented Duratube™ with as-welded-tube construction controls stress for longer life
  • "Round Cap Tip" construction lowers stresses for longer life
  • Easily adjustable, self-locking micrometer pointer
  • Burn-resistant phenol turret case
  • Exclusive Teflon coated 400 series stainless steel rotary movement for longer life
  • Epoxy-coated system for superior corrosion resistance

Ashcroft Duragauge Pressure Gauge 1279

Type 1279 Duragauge pressure gauge is offered in 4.5" phenolic case for superior chemical and heat resistance. Solid-front case design with blow-out back for safety. Dry, liquid-filled, hermetically sealed, weatherproof or PLUS! options available. Field convertible to liquid-fill with conversion kit. All case styles provide full temperature compensation.


Specifications for Ashcroft Type 1279 Process Pressure Gauge
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