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The Ashcroft  Gauges offer high quality and durability for an affordable price.

Digital Pressure Gauges

Ashcroft pressure gauges have earned a reputation for dependability as a mainstay in the marketplace for over 150 years. Ashcroft industrial pressure gauges are offered in a wide assortment of dial sizes, case styles and wetted parts materials.

Ashcroft Pressure Gauge Selection

Ashcroft pressure gauges are available in a variety of sizes and materials to meet the demands of the industrial marketplace. When selecting an Ashcroft pressure gauge, consider these seven steps:

Process Media Ashcroft pressure gauges are available in a wide selection of Bourdon tube and socket materials to fit your application.

Pressure Gauge Range available with ranges as low as 10 inches of water through 100,000 psi, Ashcroft pressure gauges have been designed to meet your application needs.

Operating Environment available in case materials of stainless steel, black epoxy-coated aluminum and phenolic, these gauges have been designed to withstand the most demanding environments. Most Ashcroft gauges are available with an optional built-in throttle plug to help protect against pressure surges or spikes.

Accuracy Requirements all general service type Ashcroft industrial gauges are offered with a 1% ASME Grade 1A accuracy. For a higher degree of accuracy, Ashcroft process gauges are offered with a 0.5% ASME Grade 2A accuracy.

Dial Size available with dial sizes from 21⁄2 through 81⁄2 inches, Ashcroft gauges come in sizes to meet your space requirements with optimum gauge readability.

Connections availability includes, but is not limited to 1⁄4 NPT, 1⁄2 NPT, BSP, JIS and SAE connections.

Mounting Requirements depending on the type, Ashcroft gauges are available for stem, surface or flush mounting.

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