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You have reached We are an Authorized Ashcroft Stocking Distributor and we can offer you excellent prices and quick deliveries from stock as well as friendly and knowledgeable support on the products that we sell.

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+/-1.0% Industrial Gauges

ashcroft industrial pressure gauges

1010, 1017, 1038A, 1122, 1125, 1125A, more, compare

+/-0.5% Process Gauges

ashcroft process pressure gauges

1259, 1279, 1288, 1377, 1379, 2279, more, compare

Test Gauges

ashcroft test gauges 1082, 1084A4A, 2089, compare
Hydraulic Gauges
ashcroft stainless steel pressure gauges 1009, 1010, 1017, 1220

Differential Gauges

1125,1127,1128, 1130, 1131, 1132,1133,1134, 5503,5509

Receiver Gauges

1009, 1010, 1017, 1220

Stainless Case Gauges

ashcroft stainless steel pressure gauges 1008S, 1009, 1020, 1109, compare

Sanitary Gauges

ashcroft sanitary pressure gauges 1032, 1036, 1037, compare

Commercial Gauges

ashcroft commercial pressure gauges 1005P, 1005, 1000, 1005S, 1001T, 1008A, more, compare

Refrigeration Gauges

1009, 1010, 1017, 1220

Digital Gauges

ashcroft digital pressure gauges 2089, 2086, 2084, D1005PS, 2074, 2174, more, compare

Reid Vapor Pressure



ashcroft high pressure transducer transmitter

Diaphragm Seals

ashcroft diaphragm seals 100, 200, 300, more


ashcroft thermometers CI, EI, EL, FT, more
Pressure Switches
ashcroft pressure switch


Temperature Switches

Differential Pressure Switch is your source for Ashcroft pressure gauges and other Ashcroft products.  All sales are provided by All Island Industrial Sales, an authorized Ashcroft distributor.  

The Ashcroft registered trademark has epitomized quality and reliability in pressure and temperature instrumentation for over 100 years. The broad line of pressure and temperature gauges and switches is complemented by a full line of pressure transducers and test equipment. Along with more traditional technology, Ashcroft offers exclusive mechanical innovations such as Plus™, PowerFlex™ and FlutterGuard™ movement technology to combat process vibration. The new line of Ashcroft Digital Test gauges offer a Total Error Band specification unmatched in digital or analog gauge products. Whether traditional analog or state of the art electronic, Ashcroft provides the reliability our Process and General Industrial customers require.

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