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Ashcroft Bimetal Thermometers

Ashcroft’s bimetal thermometers come in three different series that are all designed for outstanding precision.

All Ashcroft industrial bimetal thermometers come standard with the Maxivision® dial which eliminates parallax by placing the pointer on the same plane as the graduations.

The CI series of Ashcroft industrial bimetal thermometers is designed for applications where external adjustment or pointer reset are not desired. This series is tamper proof and is available with rear and lower connections.

The EI series has an external adjustment in the rear of the case.

The EL series is liquid filled and is available in 3" rear, 5" rear and 5" Everyangle™ connections.

All of Ashcroft’s industrial bimetal thermometers have ±1% (ASME B40.200 (B40.3) Grade A (±1% of span) accuracy and are hermetically sealed.

CI Series

Tamper Resistant
 Dial: 2, 3, 5 inch
-80°F to 1000°F
Rear, Lower

EI Series

External Adjustment
Dial: 2, 3, 5 inch
-80°F to 1000°F
Rear, Lower, Everyangle™

EL Series

Liquid Filled
Dial: 3, 5 inch
-40°F to 550°F
Rear, Everyangle™